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Torah Academy for Girls - High School
Torah Academy for Girls - High School

Far Rockaway, NY

Project Size: 33,000 square feet

Project Description:
An existing school building required the addition of classrooms and storage space. The new addition was large and had the potential to alter the nature of the building, but it was important to the client that the addition blend with the context and geometry of the existing building.   We achieved this by creating two volumes behind the existing two story auditorium, one brick and the other glass.  The continuous horizontal glass volume floats between the existing stucco building in the front and the new brick addition in the back.  This glass transition volume gives the new addition a sense of lightness, while minimizing the effect that the brick volume in the back creates.  The result is an intricate building that enhances the existing building design, creating a new sense of identity while retaining the previous feel of the building and minimizing any adverse effects on the surrounding residential neighborhood.