Multi-Family Residential
Single-Family Residential
Mesivta Chaim Shlomo
Mesivta Chaim Shlomo

Brooklyn, NY

Project Size: 40,200 square feet

Project Description:
This project was to design a new three story building to be located in a residential neighborhood in Brooklyn.  The building was restricted to a 30’-0” height to the roof level.  As a result, a significant portion of the program was located in the cellar and sub-cellar floors.  The two-story gymnasium, lunchroom and kitchens were located below grade.  The administrative offices, classrooms, two-story synagogues and dormitories were located in the three above-grade levels.  To maximize the use of the permitted 30’-0” height, we designed the building to give the illusion of  verticality from the various front façade geometries and elements.  Tall curtain wall windows and brick piers give the building a horizontal presence, while brick reveals provide horizontal balance to the building.  The use of abundant glass gives the building a light and open aesthetic appearance.